Setting up Jest with React and Phaser

npm i --dev jest babel-jest @babel/preset-env @babel/preset-react react-test-renderer
Syntax Error for require
const presets = [
targets: {
browsers: [">0.25%", "not ie 11", "not op_mini all"]
modules: false
const plugins = [
module.exports = { presets, plugins };
Cannot set property ‘fillStyle’ of null on the Phaser import
"jest": {
"setupFiles": ["jest-canvas-mock"]
An invalid token error for our png
"jest": {
"transform": {
"^.+\\.jsx?$": "babel-jest"
"setupFiles": [
"moduleFileExtensions": [
"moduleNameMapper": {
"\\.(css|less|sass|scss)$": "<rootDir>/test/mocks/styleMock.js",
"\\.(gif|ttf|eot|svg|png)$": "<rootDir>/test/mocks/fileMock.js"
const { config } = require("../src/index.js");test("string is a string", () => {
expect(typeof "string").toBe("string");
test("config is an object", () => {
expect(typeof config).toBe("object");
Invariant Violation for the rendered element not being attached to a DOM element
<App />,
document.getElementById("root") || document.createElement("div")




Developer. Musician. Naturalist. Traveler. In any order. @tayloredtotaylor

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Taylor Nodell

Taylor Nodell

Developer. Musician. Naturalist. Traveler. In any order. @tayloredtotaylor

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