Dynamic Badges with Shields.io and Runkit

Shields.io Github page with many badges
Runkit’s instant API feature described on their home page.
Runkit’s instant API feature
const endpoint = require("@runkit/runkit/json-endpoint/1.0.0")
const request = require("request") // peer dependency
const requestPromise = require("request-promise")
const queryTypes = ["lines","functions","statements","branches"]
const url = "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nodes777/flower-game-phaser3/master/coverage/coverage-summary.json"
endpoint(module.exports, async function(req)
try {
var unparsed = await requestPromise(url)
var json = JSON.parse(unparsed)
} catch(e) {
return {error: "Runkit could not retrieve page"}

const queryType = req.query.type
const formattedLabel = queryType + " coverage"

if (queryTypes.includes(queryType)){
const percentage = json.total[queryType].pct+"%"
return {
"schemaVersion": 1,
"label": formattedLabel,
"message": percentage ,
"color": "orange",
} else {
return {
"schemaVersion": 1,
"label": "You need a valid queryType",
"message": queryType ,
"color": "red",
"schemaVersion": 1,
"label": "A label!",
"message": "Whatever text you want to render, for me, this is my percent coverage",
"color": "orange"
The Shields.io endpoint page with the url from Runkit as the url to generate the badge
The updated endpoint page with url to generate the badge
Badges: “code style: prettier” “lines 50.43%”, “statements 50.43%”, “functions 35.51%”, “buddy.works passed”, License: GPL v3
All my badges!




Developer. Musician. Naturalist. Traveler. In any order. @tayloredtotaylor

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Taylor Nodell

Taylor Nodell

Developer. Musician. Naturalist. Traveler. In any order. @tayloredtotaylor

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